About Emmanuel thivierge

Hi!, I am Emmanuel, a guy that has so many interests. The main ones that I am passionate about are programming, physics and arts. This site is the writings of a journey. My journey from a little geek guy that his main experience is in c++ and graphics programming to a creative coder, someone that use code to create interactive and immersive experiences and installations.

In my life, I have done many things!: theatre, dance, programming, sports but my main education has always been on the scientific/technical side. I am a physics engineer graduate and I have worked now for about 8 years as a 3d programmer at a big video game company making AAA games. During all those years of studies and work I kept my interest in arts very close but I just rarely acted upon it, nevertheless, I did gain experience in real-time interactive installations.

I, therefore, want to welcome you to accompany me on my journey from a C++ 3D programmer to a creative engineer.